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Our Mission & Vision


To provide a platform for the all aspiring Theatre students/ performing artists to practice, nurture and showcase their talents.To represent and promote the culture and heritage amongst the diverse migrant & Indian communities of New Zealand through the Art forms of Theatre, Music, Literature and other audio visual presentations.


To remain a transparent organisation serving the cause of theatre as a movement. To create honest theatre that will make everyone more conscious and responsible about the society, the world and the environment thus contribute to the growth of a truly responsible multicultural human society in Auckland vis-a vee New Zealand.

At Rangmanch we share experiences through the art of storytelling and create Theatre that makes you think.

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With your continuous support and encouragement, Rangmanch is celebrating a proud 10 years’ existence.

We have a lot of exciting projects lined up for 2018. Keep an eye out for updates!

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances… – William Shakespeare

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“Due to unavoidable circumstances – we are temporarily calling off our HINDI PLAY ”KHUB LADI MARDANI” which was scheduled to be performed on the 25th of August – 2018. New date of performance will  be announced in due course.

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